Georgy Ganev

Project Manager-CLS

Rossitsa Liubenova

Financial manager, CLS

Jenny Kaneva

Technical assistant, CLS

Snezhina Gabova

Project coordinator – RMF

Todor Kartzev

Technical assistant

Sevdalina Voynova

Coordinator – WAD

Sevdalina Voynova is Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Women Alliance for Development (WAD). She is an expert in the National Knowledge Network of Women in Politics. She is also a focal point for the South East Europe Task Force for execution of the United Nations Convention for Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Albena Nacheva

Technical assisstant

In the past year Albena Nacheva has been a communication coordinator at the Women Alliance for Development (WAD). For the last five years she has been working as a project coordinator in other NGOs. She has participated in over 50 international and national seminars and conferences. After graduating the “Luben Groys” theater college in 1997, she worked ten years in the drama puppet theater “Vassil Drumev” in Shumen.

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