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Strategic Partnerships

Long term projects between non-governmental organisations which aims to develop the quality of youth work in Europe.


Life Education Theatre

The strategic partnership which aims developing the educational Life Action Role Play methodology for youth empowerment. Two partners from Poland (Youth Act) and Slovakia (Thalia Teatro) are developing the methodology of eduLARP combining experiential learning, improvisation theatre, british drama, outdoor education into one complex methodology for youth empowerment.

Image by Ilya lix

Sew the Future

Strategic partnership between 5 non-governmental organisation from Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Greece and Itali which aims development of methodology for youth empowerment and social inclusion through sewing from upcycled materials.

Image by William Krause

IMPROV e English

Strategic partnership between 3 non-governmental organisations from Poland, Greece and Romania which aims developing the methodology of english teaching through non-formal education based on improvisation theatre for adults education.


Find your talents, work on your skills!

Strategic partnership between 4 non-governmental organisations from Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Romania which aims developing the methodology and application supporting young people in finding their talents, passions and developing their competencies.

ImProve Steam Logo design Final File-02.jpg


Strategic partnership between 6 organisations from Cyprus, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland and Romania which aims developing the serious game for young people to develop their competencies in field of Intelectual Properties.

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