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Youth Exchanges

International projects where youth from different countries are meeting to learn from each other about certain topics. Participants take part in the activities which are based on non-formal methodology and aim developmend of comeptances in certain field. All of the costs are co-funded by Erasmus+ programme (meals, accomodation, activities, travel costs up to the limits).


Youth Expression

36 participants from Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain and Romania meet to learn about human rights, active citizenship, tolerance, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, social inclusion, through non-formal education and theatre methodology. Participants were developing their competances, learning about each other culture, traditions. In the end of the exchange they developed the theatre performance and NFE workshops which they performed in loca high school in Koszalin.


European Heroes

36 young people from Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Croatia met to promote tolerance intercultural and inter-religious dialogue through improivsation theatre based on national eposes. Participants were learning about each others cultures, traditions from the national epopey and compering it to nowadays European society. In the end of the exchange they developed the theatre performance and implement it in local high school in Koszalin together with intercultural workshops.

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Pan Tadeusz and Matai in Improvisation Theatre

24 youth from Poland and Lituania met for 7 days to learn about each others cultures, traditions and history through the national epopeys. They were making the improvisation theatre based on the characters from the literature and discussing about mutual culture and values. In the end they made the performance in Zakopane.

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